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Dental treatment of Front Teeth

Getting work done on front teeth is scary! Is it going to match? Will it look right on me? If you do decide to get treatment on these front teeth, here are some things to keep in mind.

1) Choose your color wisely. Unlike natural teeth enamel, fillings and crowns do not change color. That means, if you plan to get whiter teeth in the future, bleaching is essential prior to getting treatment done on a front tooth. Make sure you tell your doctor your intentions prior to starting.

2) Ask for a trial period. Do I like this color? Does this shape match my smile? It's hard to know for sure until you go out and try. We offer options to temporarily shape your teeth with different colors to ensure you like it before you commit.

See some cases below about how some of our patients chose to change their front teeth,

and thus their entire smile!


20 year old male. Born without permanent teeth on his two lower teeth. He wanted something to make them look like permanent teeth without doing anything too drastic (no surgery, or replacements).

Treatment: We offered to build up the teeth with composite (White) filling material.

Treatment Time: 1 appointment, 30 minutes


30 year old male, given metal crowns for his front teeth. He wanted them replaced so he could have whiter teeth.

Treatment: Crowns placed on three front teeth

Treatment Time: 2 appointments, total 1.5 hours.

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