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Braces Now or Later?

early treatment interceptive ortho phase 1 & phase 2

Does your child need braces? Why are half of the kids in the classroom already wearing braces at such an early age? Let me first explain the benefits.


Good Food vs Bad Food

vegetables fruit cheese milk yogurt doughnuts cakes cookies candy juice soda

Good nutrition can support healthy physical and mental development in our child whereas bad nutrition can hinder proper growth. Guess what? The dentist can guess the diet from looking at your child's teeth. Check this out for some basic tips as well as dental hacks.

HELP!!! Tooth K.O.

tooth injury tooth knocked out

These are instructions on how to care for your child's tooth in a dental injury. The most important factor is time. The sooner the child can receive care, the better the chances the tooth can be saved.

Welcoming the Tooth Fairy

loose teeth new teeth money under the pillow

How do we go about welcoming the tooth fairy as our child transitions from toddler to adolescent?? And the bigger question, do we have to really pull out teeth??

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